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SSL, TLS, HTTP, HTTPS Explained | http | 最新更新的华语音乐

SSL, TLS, HTTP, HTTPS Explained | 在这里聆听最好的新音乐

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HTTPS vs HTTP vs SSL / TLS. This video explains the difference between these protocols. It also explains how SSL works and what is an SSL certificate.

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48 thoughts on “SSL, TLS, HTTP, HTTPS Explained | http | 最新更新的华语音乐”

  1. How is it that a website can send encrypted HTTPS data without the user having to do anything but email encryption requires knowledge of keys? And couldn't email use HTTPs too? Thanks

  2. In theory it's possible to listen for your plain text over Internet. In practice you must have access to equipment of specific Internet providers on the traffic route in order to do so. In fact it is almost impossible.

  3. A very nice explanation with animations. Just one thing for improvement. If possible, please, make the animations slower and reduce the flashing because their current form makes me feel epileptic, so I just have to close my eyes and listen to your voice only without the video.

  4. Can you explain how Certificates work? The client gets the certificate from the host and then says "I trust you". Why? What is it about a certificate that means the host is trusted? I agree with all the other comments, excellent explanation of these security layers! Thanks for the work!

  5. Hah… I still remember that I had no knowledge when it came to hacking. I was still a teenager during that time and used my 'real' credit card for some silly cracked game which I could've just bought in the store. In the end I entered a site that was 'http' with no secure encrypted data transfer, which caused me to lose most of the money in my account… I've still felt bitter during that time, but I've learned my lesson.

  6. this is kind of misleading . http is not the widest used in the internet. Also, the S is not only added when youre about to put in informations. S is added as soon as you access websites with certificates.

  7. Very good info. Thanks. I have a question, if someone can answer. I guess HTTPS and SSL certificate are two different in terms of technique or implementation. If we just enable HTTPS and not SSL, I know, probably google will still show Not Secure. But my question is, because https is enabled, does the data transfer is still encrypted? Thanks for your answer.

  8. HTTPS ensures not just confidentiality, but also integrity and authenticity. As such, an attacker could hijack the connection between you and the server and inject malicious JavaScript into your session.

  9. Fantastic videos, i am bingewatching this instead of "The Walking Dead" 😉 .What i missed in this video is StartTLS, but that is a google search away…

  10. Lets encrypt is offering free ssl. As there slogan is lets encrypt the web. A secure internet is in everyone's best interest, so why aren't more companies trying to do this free?

  11. I am so glad that I discovered this channel! I have made the decision to get into Cyber Security and pursue a bachelors degree in the field, and have been in search of channels that could provide information that I will certainly encounter on my Cyber Security degree journey. Thank you.

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