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People Are Dying. Who Is Accountable? | whoopscoop | Yeni güncellenen iyi müzik

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People Are Dying. Who Is Accountable?

People Are Dying. Who Is Accountable?

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As the country continues to tackle the deadly second wave of Covid-19, here’s what the national capital looks like amidst this crisis. The citizens are left helpless …

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People Are Dying. Who Is Accountable?


32 thoughts on “People Are Dying. Who Is Accountable? | whoopscoop | Yeni güncellenen iyi müzik”

  1. Aquamation will be cheaper and much better for the environment.

    India is the worst place on earth for is pollution, plus its its the most racist place in the world.

  2. Bahut sharm ki baat h. Mere desh m esa hua govt ati h ham tumhari suraksha krege satta m ane k baad unko koi mtlb nai h. Inko dusre desho m kya chal raha h unke bare m sab pta h par apne desh k log kis halat m jee rahe h uski koi chinta nai h. Jab bhi aise news dekhta hu sir Sharm se jhuk jata h. Kya ese desh ki kalpna ki thi hamne. #shameonugovt

  3. So bjp is responsible for a delhi state matter where aap has 62 mla out of 70 and they previously had 67 mla out of 70 and their whole basis was a non corrupt govt

    Bjp is liable for delhi govt not sending oxygen tankers , for delhi govt supporting fake farmers protest , for their incompetence whereas most of other states did it on their own , bjp is to be hanged because when actual demand was of some 250 mt oxygen delhi forced center through court to send 725 mt causing shortage in other states , bjp is to be blamed for upa asking for new parliament
    Bjp is to be blamed because down idiot estimated a project of 700 crore to be 20000 crore project
    Bjp is to be blamed for failures of everybody
    Bjp is to be abused because it let those workers work with vaccination done in an protected environment

    Great isn't it , if anything is good it's done by congress or aap and now shiv sena but if anything is wrong its done by bjp , bhakts

  4. Hum log gaon Mai Bahat safe hai 😌😌😌

    City Mai Jo log hai Wo log marega hi , q ki ek dusre ko help nhi karta 😒😒, City ke log apne neighbors ke sath bhi contact nhi rakhte hai

    Gao me corona hua to sab log unko help karte hai , ek ka bhi death nhi hua itna Jada corona patient rehne ke bad bhi 😌😌😌

  5. الله يرحمهم ويغفر لهم ويسكنهم فسيح جناتك يارب العالمين 🥺 للأموات المسلمين والمسلمات والمؤمنين والمؤمنات الأحياء منهم والأموات اللهم امين 💔

  6. الحمد لله على نعمت لاسلام افضل الصلاة والسلام على رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم على نبينا محمد وعلى آله وصحبه أجمعين وسلم تسليما كثيرا إلى يوم الدين حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل لاحول ولا قوة الا بالله العلي العظيم واتوب اليه استغفرالله واتوب اليه عذاب النار اللهم امين يارب العالمين الله واكبر الله واكبر الله واكبر الله واكبر الله واكبر الله واكبر الله واكبر الله واكبر الله واكبر الله واكبر الله واكبر الله واكبر الله واكبر الله واكبر الله واكبر الله واكبر محمد وعلى آله وصحبه أجمعين وسلم تسليما كثيرا إلى يوم الدين 🙌

  7. The government not being prepared is one thing ….but people who went about breaking rules and started touring or visiting friends despite being aware of the situation are also responsible


  9. If Corona hit the country in 2024 just before the elections and the state of healthcare would have been same as this, it would have been the same neways coz until Covid no government gave a damn, would the BJP let EC conduct the Loksabha elections? The EC conducted elections in WB, Assam, Kerala during the ongoing pandemic just before the 2nd wave was about to hit the country and the elections were largely responsible for the growing number of infections, death during the 2nd wave with Modi even going to the extent to saying in a rally in West Bengal that wherever my eyes goes, I only see people…The EC didn't wait for the situation 2 improve and went on with the elections but as I was saying before that suppose Corona hit India sometimes during 2023 and the failing healthcare system gets exposed during this time, bodies in UP and Bihar being thrown into the Ganga, would EC have had the free hands 2 conduct elections in 2024 when second or third wave would have bought the country to its knees and even foreign media highlighting the issues coz then Godi media would have shown Sab Changa Si and BJP has successfully ousted Corona…BJP would never let the elections happen sighting Covid issues and would have waited until the public memory, sentiments somehow dried down..They would have brought Pakistan into the scene then, some kind of attacks, and again get the Army to save them from sinking… Please while voting in 2024, never forget this and all other injustices, inhuman policies, rising petrol and diesel prices and of other essential commodities, CAA-NRC, Rafale scam, and more….never forget, never forgive!

  10. Main reasons for our fate
    •Kumbh Mela (3 days)
    Each day 3.5 million people gathered without social distancing or masks
    • Election rallies
    Modi in his own words said, "I have never seen this much crowd at all "(When India had 200 thousand cases each day)

  11. Ya allah turut berdukacita,
    Bukan kah Islam mengajarkan sesuatu yang berada dari tanah akan kembali ke tanah, jadi seharusnya jangan di bakar, itu bisa menyebabkan sesak nafas, pencermaran, nauzubillah semoga Indonesia masih dalam lindungan Allah SWT ,

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  13. If public followed the lockdown rules n regulation n avoided mass prayer at the Ganga n avoided holi tis wouldn't hv hapn, it's our own fault we Indians lack of decibline whn being informed they ignored n NW blaming the gov rust in peace witness me blood bag

  14. Only responsible for this are Greedy and selfish marwadi gujrati Businessman .
    They protested for lockdown.
    And now people are blaming government, these Greedy as**** Marwadi gujrati Businessman are responsible for this condition

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