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How to Buy from the Japanese DLSite | dlsite | 最新更新的华语音乐

How to Buy from the Japanese DLSite | 在这里聆听最好的新音乐

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与主题相关的图片 How to Buy from the Japanese DLSite

How to Buy from the Japanese DLSite

How to Buy from the Japanese DLSite

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DLsite JP is having a huge sale till Jan 15 so I am here to explain some of the basics on buying from the Japanese side of DLsite.
special thanks to DEEPFOXJUDE for letting me know of the sale

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KEEP IN MIND!! that I am not that well versed with JP Dlsite so I strongly recommend to do some extra research before using the site.
Alicesoft’s DlSite Page

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How to Buy from the Japanese DLSite


17 thoughts on “How to Buy from the Japanese DLSite | dlsite | 最新更新的华语音乐”

  1. I make hardcore bdsm 3d cg image sets. And I am registering as an author on dlsite. I was wondering if maybe you know besides dlsite where I could sell my render sets? Ty ty

  2. Now I know ho to pay with points! after you choose to pay there's a place above the credit cards that says you got for example "1000 points" but a line down says "0 points" so you have to click in "modify" in the right and change your points to the price in Yen, then you can purchase it 🙂

  3. I have a question, Do you need an actual credit card or would a debit work? By the way, is it possible for your card to be locked after trying to do a purchase due to it being overseas?

  4. It seems like they won't accept my Revolut Digital/Virtual Credit Card >:@

    However, before I got the payment error message, they even subtracted 1 cent from my Revolut Balance. I guess it's a security check to see if there they can indeed take money from me. But then I don't understand why they won't accept my payment. I have enough balance on my card…. Fuck man. Does anyone know if I can resolve this? Would like to support this creator.

  5. Seriously, how do I buy shit from here? I don't use credit cards, I use prepaid. Do I need like Visa or Mastercard (Vanilla or Perfect Gift?) to make purchases. I've been trying to get my hands on those WAM comics I've been wanting for ages. I also desire to know how can I pledge money for services like Fantia, Pixiv fanbox or Ci-en (besides Patreon). I wanna see exclusive WAM or Quicksand content!!!

  6. Damn, DRM? : / Was hoping to split the bill for a game me and a relative really liked back in the day, but if its only buying one copy / code like say, Steam, then that'd be a waste.

    I did find a physical copy on Mercari, but I need like 2 append discs or something, I think? Which I can't find for reasonable prices.

  7. What if I didn't download the drm? I bought Legend of Heroes V and it refuses to install, but I didn't realize there was a drm I was supposed to download as well. Is it possible to find it again? Checking the purchase history doesn't show anything other than the possibility to download the game file all over again… I also never received a purchase confirmation e-mail… I'm not gonna have to repurchase the game with a different account, am I?

  8. Hey man. I would like to know if you could help me with something. I recently bought the game called The Heiress on Steam and found out it was censored but i found out through the community hub section that DLsite had a uncensored patch for the game. I bought the patch and thought i read the instructions carefully but when downloading the files i ran into a problem about insufficient files or something. So i come to you asking is there some way you could help me with this problem? I could discuss more to you on Discord if you wish. It would just suck if i paid for a game and patch for nothing you know?

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