Home » Fraunhofer Diffraction Explained | 프라운호퍼 회절 | 새로 업데이트 된 최고의 노래

Fraunhofer Diffraction Explained | 프라운호퍼 회절 | 새로 업데이트 된 최고의 노래

Fraunhofer Diffraction Explained | 최고의 음악 웹 사이트

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주제와 관련된 이미지 Fraunhofer Diffraction Explained

Fraunhofer Diffraction Explained

Fraunhofer Diffraction Explained

주제에 대한 정보 프라운호퍼 회절

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In this video, I describe the process of Fraunhofer diffraction (also known as far-field diffraction) in terms of the Fourier Transform and Fourier Optics. I go over the assumptions that underlie Fraunhoffer diffraction (both the paraxial approximation and the small-aperture approximation), and give the mathematical form that it takes.

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This is part of my graduate series on optoelectronics / photonics, and is based primarily on Coldren’s book on Lasers as well as graduate-level coursework I have taken in the EECS department at UC Berkeley.

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Fraunhofer Diffraction Explained

프라운호퍼 회절.

21 thoughts on “Fraunhofer Diffraction Explained | 프라운호퍼 회절 | 새로 업데이트 된 최고의 노래”

  1. Thanks for sharing your insights. My only questions is: when you're Fourier Transforming a function of time, you get a function of Frequency. Here we're Transforming a function of position getting a function of what? Wave Vector?

  2. It took me rewatching several times to figure out why the aperture equation comes out of nowhere at the end, so here is the explanation. The aperture equation is assumed to be a decimal representation of the percentage of light that can go through. 1 being 100% and .5 being 50%, as an example. It essentially represents the density (intensity) of point sources at the plane of diffraction, because it is a proportional multiplier on the point source at the infinitely small point in the integral.

  3. Thanks alot for the video. Sadly there are some gaps in between that leave out probably simple stuff but in the end after 1 or 2 minutes are skipped it just makes the overall very good video a little fishy. I assume for the last part kx you too the paraxial approximation where the sin(theta) = kx / k and tan(theta) = xs / d, and sin ~ tan so kx/k ~ xs/d so kx = k*xs/d.

  4. Lost me in the first few secs but had to watch the whole thing anyway😂. Happy to see that those integrals i had to learn in school seem to have some use somewhere👍🏻😱😂😂😂

  5. Hi Jordan, thanks again for your great lecture. I would like to encourage you to do a series on using mathematica for modeling optics and electrodynamics. I think this is an area that is not well covered in a pedagogical way online.

  6. If the structure is truly a slit, then you don’t want points, but here rather cylinders with differential cross sections. The field from each goes ~ 1/r^(1/2), and not ~1/r.

  7. Great video, my professor really left me hanging because he didn't bother to explain how he came up with the fourier part. Thanks for helping

  8. It feels like the fragment on 10:2510:40 is falling from the general story line. Can you explain the connection in this sudden jump between trigonometrical derivation of kx, Fresnel integral and further assumption you've made afterwards. I really struggle to see the connection.

  9. How about the idea that different entities and spiritual bodies are real and can only be perceived within different spectrums of light that we humans can't even receive?….. This ties into CERN and parapsychology as well. Or do you just think thats just preposterous??….. Curious about this hypothesis. Ty.

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