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山下達郎カッティング『Sparkle」ギター | カッティング | 日本一の音楽

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山下達郎カッティング『Sparkle」ギター | 最高の邦楽の集大成

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Paper Doll 山下達郎


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39 thoughts on “山下達郎カッティング『Sparkle」ギター | カッティング | 日本一の音楽”

  1. That was brilliant. I will show this to my teacher so he can teach me. Thanks. Showed it to my teacher he’s got the first 2 chords down. My next lesson we will be working on it. Thanks once again. 👏🏿👏🏿

  2. ダメです😥何回やってもピックが回ってしまいます。持ち方変えても腕の振り方変えてもカッティングが出来ません😢

  3. why does he look like a japanese version of Columbo lmao. Btw nice video, here tryna learn Japanese and Guitar at the same time haha

  4. 解説と実演がつながって退屈しない。つーかテレキャスじゃないと、この音は出ないんやなぁ困ったなぁ次は335買う予定が狂うでこれ!

  5. I just want to add something : your singing is absolutely amazing. I know people tend to forget to point that out and say only bad thing about singers, and assume a good singer is a "normal thing".

    So keep up the good work !

  6. More City pop lesson please !

    I made some city pop tabs also :
    – ABS – End of Century
    – kadomatsu – If You (Wanna dance)

    Tatsuro Yamashita – Magic Ways is next !

  7. I love this video so much and will watch it once or twice a day since last week 😊 / Sometimes I may repeat this video as my BGM just like right now / You are really a very good guitar player and thanks for sharing 😊 / By the way , May I watch the video from you about teaching how to play the melody of Masayoshi Takanaka such as ( alone ) ( That's the way of the world ) ?😀 / Thanks again from Taiwan. 😊😊

  8. そうですね、厳密には達郎さんは6弦5フレを親指で押さえて6本ガシガシ弾いてるので微妙に違いますけど、雰囲気出てれば良いのではないでしょうか。

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