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【歌枠】有名アニソンをたくさん歌う!【Anime song】 | 有名イラストレーター | 日本一の音楽

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【歌枠】有名アニソンをたくさん歌う!【Anime song】 | 最高の邦楽の集大成

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ピックに関連する画像 【歌枠】有名アニソンをたくさん歌う!【Anime song】

【歌枠】有名アニソンをたくさん歌う!【Anime song】

【歌枠】有名アニソンをたくさん歌う!【Anime song】

主題に関する情報 有名イラストレーター

有名なアニソンをたくさん歌いたい夜 サムネillustrator:泉彩パパ カラオケ音源お借りします カラオケ歌っちゃ王 …

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【歌枠】有名アニソンをたくさん歌う!【Anime song】


45 thoughts on “【歌枠】有名アニソンをたくさん歌う!【Anime song】 | 有名イラストレーター | 日本一の音楽”

  1. Listening to her sing secret base and reading comments for some reason makes it really sad. Even the positive ones. Like wth man :'(

  2. Even though she struggled singing The Demon Slayer song I didn’t care that just means that she probably seen my favorite anime OF ALL TIME HOW COULD I NOT BE ANY HAPPIER!? Also i’m glad I manage to show up right on time for the stream

  3. 新しい曲に挑戦してくれたのが凄く嬉しかったの ミオちゃんの歌の幅が広がる事それは貴女の夢に近付くことだと思うから

  4. 犬神ミオちゃんおはよーございます、です、今回もライブ配信長時間までお疲れ様でした。、歌とっても上手でしたよ。そしてめっちゃ⤴️⤴️楽しかったです、次回のライブ配信も楽しみですので、開催期間まで待機しつつ、お待ちしております。必ず見に行きます。、😄😄、😄😄

  5. Can really relate to mio
    Yasashii suisei hits me really hard, especially so in the official MV.
    She said she wanted to "revenge" her current cover of it.
    Which I assume is a redo of sort, would be really cool if she do a special cover of it separately.
    Mio mama! Get your revenge on the song!

  6. アニソン歌枠お疲れ様でした!

    新しい曲も定番の曲もたくさん聴けてとても楽しかったです。季節を感じる曲もあって何となくノスタルジックな気分になりました…secret baseも本当に褪せない名曲…
    楽しかったですけれどハイペースでしたし、喉をゆっくりおやすめください。明日のすばせかも楽しみにしています! お疲れ様でした。

  7. Another successful karaoke stream in the books, and this one was especially exciting! Your singing reignited my very SOUL!

    Of course, there were a few cute mistakes here and there, but that just translates into blessed Mio laughter and wheezing!

    Never give up, Mio! I know you can surpass your limits! The Miofa will always have your back!

    And thank you, Izumi-sama, for making this adorable thumbnail and end card!

  8. Thank you very much for this very amazing singing stream Mio-Mama! I'm glad I was able to catch it live, what a very nice stream to start morning! as always your voice is really beautiful and soothing, yet cool and strong, also you sang a lot of amazing songs and some ones that I didn't know, as always thank you for making some of us know some not too known or old Japanese songs
    9:50 Totally my favorite song from today 🔥 Mama really set on fire everything with her beautiful and electric voice! one of the best Only My Railgun covers I have heard on a while~
    Thank you for your hard work as always Mama, I really hope you get well soon if you're not feeling too well as you said, I'm very happy to hear you went to the hospital and took a blood test, doing a checkout when you're not feeling ok is the best thing to do, at least it wasn't something bad like anemia or anything else, so please rest a lot and take care! have a very nice night and I hope you sleep very well, see you next stream! Otsumio~n

  9. Thank you also for this stream and for your work! I had fun with this live, your voice is always beautiful and amazing, i love it! Good night and see you the next time! Bye Bye! ^.^

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